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Liddle Kiddle Dolls
1966- 1968
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1967 Trikey Triddle
Her outfit includes a one piece floral or a red and white polka-dot dress, green hair ribbons and red shoes. Her accessories include a trike, a pink plastic balloon, and a pink comb and brush.
1967 Freezy Sliddle
Her outfit includes a blue snow hat, blue jacket, pink stretch tights, and white rubber snowboots. She also comes with a blue sled with a white cord and a blue plastic seatbelt.
1967 Surfy Skiddle
Her outfit includes a two-piece pink vinyl bikini. Her accessories include a surfboard, a plastic wave stand, blue sunglasses, a floral beachtowel, and a pink brush and comb.
1967 Soapy Siddle
Her outfit includes a robe, slippers and a red hair ribbon. Her accessories include a yellow towel, a box of talc, a gold bathtub, and a white brush and comb.
1967 Rolly Twiddle
Her outfit includes a playsuit, green hair ribbon, and white shoes. Her accessories include an orange or pink wagon, an orange or pink pail and shovel and a blue brush and comb.
1967 Beddy-Bye Biddle
Sears Exclusive. Her outfit includes a nightgown and a pink hair ribbon, she can come with or without a pink robe. Her accessories include a yellow bed, blanket, pillow and a yellow brush and comb.

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