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Liddle Kiddle Dolls
1966- 1968

Kiddle Dolls Page 1

Bunson Burnie, Howard "Biff" Boodle, Liddle Diddle,
Lola Liddle, Babe Biddle, and Calamity Jiddle

Kiddle Dolls Page 2

Florence Niddle, Greta Griddle, Millie Middle
Beat A Diddle, Sizzly Friddle, and Windy Fliddle

Kiddle Dolls Page 3

Trikey Triddle, Freezy Sliddle, Surfy Skiddle,
Soapy Siddle, Rolly Twiddle, and Beddy Bye Biddle

Kiddle Dolls Page 4

Pretty Priddle, Baby Liddle, Telly Viddle,
Lemons Stiddle, Kampy Kiddle, and Slipsy Sliddle

Animiddle Kiddles

and Holiday Kiddles
1968- 1969

Please click here for Animiddle and Holiday Kiddles.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

and Storybook Sweethearts
1969- 1970

Please click here for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
and Storybook Sweetheart Kiddles.

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